Amangkurat, also called Aiyana, was a prominent nagari city in ancient Langa at the Vahanavari River. Amangkurat emerged around the 16th century, when the nagari subjugated the local Kedayuh population. From circa 1900, Amangkurat rose to become the dominant military power in ancient Langa. Two hundred years later, it became the capital of the Layarang kingdom.

Amangkurat is now a city belonging to the Kaliyatra Empire. The city is surrounded by coastal hamlets of Gauhar, Naman, Sakari and Tanu. Near the Kachala Mountains in the west, there's also the ancient catacombs of Amangkurat, Amangcorinth, rumoured to the burial grounds of the Layarang Kings. The architectural style and town planning persited in Langa over seven centuries.


The city was founded in circa 1900. It was called Amangkar or Amangat by the city's inhabitants. According to local folklore, the city was founded by Amang, a descendent of the god Suraya (the Sun). Other legends suggest that it was founded by the goddess Aiyana, a daugther of the naga Bhanu.

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