Adventuring in the Rainforest

Here's a short list of things you would need before venturing into the rainforest:

  • A mosquito net; the rainforest is filled with insects
  • A hammock; the ground is often too moist
  • A machete or parang; essential to cut through dense vegetation and undergrowth
  • Rations
  • Firelighting stone
  • Torches
  • A cooking pot
  • A rope
  • A net; used both for fishing and hunting animals on the floor
  • A bottle or something to carry water in
  • A waterproof container, such as a backpack or bamboo box
  • A still to distil liquids
  • Insect repelling remedies
  • Dry wood or grass; firewood and dry leaves are hard to come by

How to Survive in a Rainforest

  • The Survival skill is essential to those who venture beyond the safety of civilization. For example, those with the Survival skill knows that water vines hold several gallons of water and that you should boil water before drinking it.
    • Leaves are not edible. Most plants are poisonous to keep animals and insects away.
    • Deadly poisons from jungle frogs or forest plants make it easier to fell birds and monkeys that hide up in the canopy.
    • If you lack mosquito net or repellent, rub mud on your exposed skin or use camp-fire smoke to help repel insects.
  • Physical skills, such as Climb, Jump, and Swim are good for overcoming obstacles when travelling through the rainforest.
  • The Craft (herbalism) and Medicine skills are useful for treating injuries or a bite from a poisonous snake, especially because villages and sanctuaries are few and far between. Knowledge of herbs and plants that can help relieve pain and fever.
  • The Knowledge (astrology) skill is useful to navigate via the sun and stars.
  • Using Craft (trapmaking) to build traps and snares, good for catching small game, such as rodents, tiny deer, and forest pigs.
  • The Handle Animal skill grants knowledge of how to avoid animals that could harm or kill you. For example, you would know that tigers only eat what they kill and what kinds of fruit and plants a monkey eats is safe for you to eat.
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