The Achariyans are famous as both herders and warriors on the island of Achariya, south of the Pahanari Lands. The Achariyans raise livestock, and usually bring their animals with them as they travel. Their diet consist of goat's milk and meat, rice, and porridge. The goat plays an important role in traditional Achariyan society. Wealth is often measured by the number of goats a man possesses. Goatskin is also exported to many islands in the Kaliyatra Ocean.

Achariyan stand around 6 feet tall with robust and powerful builds. Twisted locks of red or black hair cover their heads, with thick noses and a slight forward projecting face. Their eyes are pale blue, sometimes appearing red or purple due lack of pigment in the eyes. Men tend to wear long beards. All Achariyan clans share the same language, Achariyan. They also speak Pahanari.

Achariyan society is based on bravery and skill in combat, sometimes ruled by a council of elders and other times by Thalathanist priests. These groups interpret the oral laws of the Achariyan people, and dictate what to do when disputes occur. Strict prohibitions on intermarriage and social interactions exist between other different groups.

As young boys and girls, Achariyans undergo a secret ritual that grants them a new name (usually from an ancestor or great warrior), and are then allowed to bear arms and armour. They serve as warriors under their shaykhs (war chiefs) for a period of nine years and during that time Achariyans are not allowed to marry, nor are they allowed to live among the rest of society.

Thalathanism is the main religion of the Achariyan. It was brought to them by the Pahanari merchants. Tahamavism, which is a mystic tradition within Thalathanism that involves achieving union with Tahamatan, is also popular among Achariyans. Even though Achariyans are not particularly ritualistic; traditionally, they don't have any rituals for the deceased, and the corpses are left for scavengers. Burial is believed to anger the spirits of the earth in Achariyan folk religion.

Game Information

Achariyans possess the same background traits as other humans with the following changes.
—Favoured Feats: Greater Attack Focus, Tough

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