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"Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides."
—Lao Tzu, Chinese Taoist Philosopher, founder of Taoism


Suwarnabumi is an original fantasy setting for True20 Adventure Roleplaying set against the backdrop of Southeast Asian culture, mythology, and history. It's a world steeped in ancient traditions where humankind lives alongside spirits, demons, and supernatural creatures. Think Angkor Wat, vast monsoon forests and rice paddies, orange-clad monks, Hindu deities, Chinese martial arts, and Malaysian ghost stories, and you basically have the world of Suwarnabumi.

An Oath Against the Shadows

Long ago, pawangs discovered that there was in fact many different worlds. In these realms, ghosts, evil spirits, demons, and even immortals thrived. Some of these realms where heavenly paradises, while others were dark, hellish worlds. Most ordinary people are ignorant or simply lack the proper knowledge or insight to realize this truth. To protect ordinary people from the truth, gurus, pawangs, and sorcerers banded together and founded the Vamachara. It's purpose: to monitor and combat supernatural threats, and keep the supernatural a secret from the rest of the world. Hunters, as these Vamachara devotees would come to call themselves, are the selected few that know the truth, that supernatural creatures are very real and an essential part of the natural order of the universe. Ordinary people do not understand that evil spirits spread illness and suffering. Most of the time, only the trained and initiated can see these otherworldly beings.

The Player Characters take the role of hunters for the Vamachara. As hunters of supernatural things, whether supernatural creatures or items of power, they walk a fine line between the illusionary world, Maya, and the supernatural world, Kala, never truly belonging to either side. They are not necessarily either the good or bad guys—usually somewhere in-between.

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